Cloncha High Cross             


The 17th century planter's church ruin at Cloncha is believed to have been built on the foundation of an earlier church associated with a monastic site founded by St Morialagh in the 6th Century. 

The monastery was one of the most important foundations in the development of Christianity on Inishowen. It's proximity to Carrowmore and another monastic site founded by St Boudan in Culdaff made this area a great seat of skill and learning. 

Only two high crosses remain - an upright tall cross with one reconstructed cross arm, and the head of another cross. 

 The 10/11th Century tall cross, known as St Boden's Cross, is 3.95 metres high with carving divided into panels. 

The west face shown left, has two Celtic interlace designs with the hermits St Peter and St Paul between them, immediately above the saints are two lions. 

The east face also features celtic interlace panel and the only sculptural panel has been identified as the miracle of the loaves and fishes. In the same field west of the High Cross, is the head of a 12th century wheel cross lying prostrate with a large base next to it.